Shiseido Collagen Powder Pack 126g 日本資生堂 膠原蛋白粉補充裝

Shiseido The Collagen (Japan)
日本名牌資生堂 胶原蛋白粉补充装
  • Low molecular fish collagen 5,000mg
  • Less odor, more ingredients
  • Per serving contains only 21 kcal and 5.2g of fat
  • Free plastic spoon

Type: Powder (refill pack)
Size: 126g
Servings: 21 days (6g/day) 21 天份 
Best before: 11/2012 

6g a day: 
fish collagen 5,000 mg, 
hyaluronic acid 1mg, 
ceramid 600ug, 
vitaminc C 50mg, 
Amla fruit extract 50mg, 
citron seed extract 50mg.

How to use:
Take one spoon per day with your preferred choice of beverage (juice, tea, coffee, hot chocolate or water)

Best before:  11/2012 

Retail Price: RM 148

DokuMart Price: RM 105 / SG $ 45 (per pack/一包)

Directly imported from Japan. Ready stock in Malaysia.

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