Lotte Collagen Powder Refill Pack 215g 日本樂天膠原蛋白粉補充裝215g


Lotte Collagen Powder Refill Pack (Japan)
乐天胶原蛋白粉补充装 (日本)
  • 2011 New packing with beauty enhancement ingredients
  • Suitable for people who are allergic to seafood
  • Dissolved in your drinks quickly
  • Clear vacumm method (pending patent*) to remove the strong smell of collagen during packing
  • Per serving contains only 25 kcal and 0.05g of fat

Type: Powder (refill pack)
Size: 215g
Servings: 32 days (6.7g/day) 32天份

Low molecular weight collagen 5000mg, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, placenta extract, embryo extract, lotus, pearl-barley extract

6.7g a day: 
pig collagen peptide 5,000mg, 
hyaluronic acid 20mg, 
placenta extract 2mg, 
gem lotus extract 2mg, 
pearl-barley extract 1mg, 
vitamin C 100mg

How to use:
Take one spoon per day with your preferred choice of beverage (juice, tea, coffee, hot chocolate or water)

Best before: 08/2012

Retail Price: RM 150
Dokumart Price: RM 125 / SG $ 52  (per pack/一包)

Directly imported from Japan. Ready stock in Malaysia.

Buy and start your collagen intake today to maintain your youth. 

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